Examples of FONCPL Award Winners

These are examples of recent award winners, and the examples might be useful for people considering submitting an application.


Frannie Ashburn Individual Awards

Northeast Area - Katie Lake - Friends of Brown Library, Washington

  1. Held all positions on the Friends Board
  2. Sorts donated books especially paperbacks by author
  3. Heads membership committee devising labels to remind members when dues are due
  4. Helps get speakers for programs sponsored by Friends
  5. Counts book sale monies to the tune of $15,000-$22,000 each year
  6. Helped set up web page
  7. Volunteers at the Saturday Farmer's Market booth
  8. Meets with Librarian to discuss needs of Library and assesses the priority for monies spent

Southeast Area - Marilyn Perry - Friends of Hickmans Crossroads Library

  1. Organized a library birthday party for the last 3 years
  2. Trains new volunteers at the library
  3. Started Friends monthly e-mail. Compiles all library events, composes all articles and sends it to 700 library patrons
  4. Manages the record-keeping for all volunteer hours, publishing a monthly schedule with volunteers listed for each daily shift
  5. Comes to every library event to set up tables, chairs and greet each patron and then stays to clean up after
  6. Organizes 'Lunch with Friends" each quarter - planning lunches, reservations, name tags and programs

Central Area - Laura Wright - Friends of Alamance County Public Libraries

  1. Chaired 2 very successful Book Sales in one year: Spring sale brought in $24,000 and when no one volunteered to Chair Fall Sale she did bringing in $28,000. She put in over 200 volunteer hours
  2. Maintains and updates the volunteer hours and see to it that the 96 volunteers are members of FOL
  3. Makes 'goody bags' for staff appreciation
  4. Participates in Alamance Community Read program

West Central Area - Lucy Kearns - Hickory Public Library Friends of the Library

  1. Helps build wooden shelving structures for displaying books for book sales - she's strong!
  2. Chairs the Membership Committee bringing in over a 100 new and renewing members in a two month period sending a letter to each one
  3. Chairs the on-going Corner Book Store-adding new books weekly and removing non-sellers.
  4. Thinks up clever contests and sales to keep the Store fresh
  5. Seeing the need for books in out in our community, delivers books to a local psychiatric hospital and other needy care centers
  6. Works tirelessly in the very small storage area where books constantly need shifting and sorting

Mountain Area - Ed McNally - Friends of Madison County Library

  1. Organized an annual Plant Sale complete with food and music as a money maker for the library
  2. Leads the Marshall Native Gardens Initiative and devised a master plan for the areas around the library
  3. Used volunteers to create gardens around the library such as a children's vegetable garden.
  4. Brought in at-risk Madison County Youth to work and to illustrate a positive wore this while working on a team effort
  5. Advocates for the library in the community to bring awareness of the need for more funding for the library as funding decreased in the county

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