The Frannie Ashburn Volunteer Awards

In 2007 the Board of FONCPL decided to institute an award to recognize the volunteer work of individual Friends. Since all Friends are volunteers one award did not seem adequate. It seemed good use of FONCPL resources to recognize five volunteers - one from each of the areas across the state. The nominations are judged by a committee of peer Friends.  Those chosen are recognized at FONCPL annual meeting and recognition luncheon with a certificate and a $300 check for his/her local Friends group.

In 2011, following the retirement of Frannie Ashburn, the long-time State Library liaison to FONCPL, the Board of FONCPL voted to name the Volunteer of the Year Award in her honor. She had been the leading force in encouraging Friends volunteers across the state.

To recognize outstanding and dedicated service of Friends across our state.

Nomination and Selection Process:

Click here for 2017 Ashburn Award form. Applications must be received by September 30, 2017 (extended from August 31).

Click here for examples of past award winners.

bullet Any local Friends group that holds membership in FONCPL may nominate one of its members or a team of 2 or 3 for a Frannie Ashburn Volunteer of the Year Award. Please submit only one name per group. (See for Membership form.)
bullet Recognized accomplishments should be from the current/recent July-to-June year.
bullet Submissions must include a nomination form and any available supporting documentation (pictures, news articles, printed programs, testimonials, etc.).
bullet Information on the nominee should be mailed/emailed as specified on the above Ashburn Award form.
bullet A committee of peer Friends will select the winner in each area.
bullet Each area Volunteer of the Year award winner will be recognized at the FONCPL Annual Meeting.
bullet Each Area Frannie Ashburn Volunteer of the Year will receive a certificate and FONCPL will donate $300 in his/her honor to the winner’s local Friends group.
bullet FONCPL Board members are not eligible for nomination.

Examples of exemplary volunteer service include: leadership, creativity, behind the scenes work, dedicated service, financial support, etc.


Friends groups across the State are made up of strong volunteers; that’s no news to those of us who are old-timers, having volunteered forever – or so it seems.

FONCPL has instituted awards that are presented at each Annual Meeting. Nominations come in from all over the state and are judged by a group of peer Friends. One person in each FONCPL geographic Area in the State is chosen as Frannie Ashburn Volunteer of the Year for that Area. This year's nominees were exceptional, and it was a pleasure to award each of their local Friends groups a check and a framed certificate.



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