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Friends of North Carolina Public Libraries

Welcome Friends

Friends of North Carolina Public Libraries (FONCPL)—our statewide volunteer Friends of the Library organization—provides a network for sharing ideas and resources to strengthen Friends of the Library and thereby strengthen our public libraries statewide.  Our fine public libraries serve all North Carolinians, providing myriad programs and services for people of all ages—from infants to senior citizens and everybody in between.  "There is beauty and purpose in the work of all the people who direct or support public library service in North Carolina, and since 1980 FONCPL has been an enthusiastic advocate for their efforts," says  Regina Gale Dozier, former FONCPL Director.

Grants & Awards

The FONCPL Board is pleased to announce the winner of the $200 randomly drawn from Friends that renewed their membership by the end of February.  Congratulations to the Friends of Albert-Carlton-Cashiers Community Library.  Thanks to all groups who helped by renewing their memberships early this year.

The FONCPL Board is offering a $100 grant to Friends groups that agree to host a regional Friends workshop in 2024.  To qualify, each group must invite a minimum of 6 other Friends groups.  Our first grant has been requested by the Friends of the Swansboro Library.  The Board can support up to 13 additional workshops.


Current Newsletter

The May 2024 Newsletter has been posted to the website. Things to note:

  • Recruiting ideas for younger members
  • How to host a Friends Workshop
  • Celebration of Memorial Day
  • Clayton Library News
  • Photos from around the world of the Solar Eclipse
  • See what the Friends of the Mooresville Public Library have been up to!
  • Catch up on some Pop Culture Facts
  • Best Book Club Picks
  • Check out the new logo for the Paddison Memorial Branch Library in Kernersville
  • Walkertown tea!
  • And so much more!!!!
  • Deadline for the June edition is 5/25/2024. Send your material to editor Kathy Lambe.

What's New or News

  • FOL Research Study
    A researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is conducting a research study to obtain the perspectives of FOL volunteers (18 and older).  Participation includes taking an anonymous survey of 13 questions (approximately 25 minutes to complete depending on your answers).  To access the survey, Click Here.  If you have questions about the survey, please reach out to Dr. Joseph Winberry.
  • FONCPL Advocacy Kit
    We, the Friends of the North Carolina Public Libraries, urge Friends groups to take a stand on book banning and censorship at public libraries.  We offer this material for those interested in preserving our Freedom to Read. Keep in mind that the challenges might not only be about book titles, they may also include library displays, programs, and speakers. FONCPL Advocacy Kit
  • Open Mic Night
    on Wednesday, May 15th @ 7pm we will host our next Open Mic Night.  We will be discussing member recruitment.  Click Here for the link.  If participating by phone: 305.224.1968 Meeting ID: 849 6497 4725 Passcode: 834915

  • Join NC-Friends listserv.  This NC State Library listserv is for those interested in Friends-related activities and public library service. To join:
    To send a message via the listserv:
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