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Welcome to the 2021 FONCPL Fall Virtual Workshop!

Click on the YouTube link to view the video.  If there are resource links in the presentation, click on the PDF link to view the presentation in that form where the resource links are active. Enjoy!

Opening Remarks Fall 2021 Workshop                                     Judy Hills, President

YouTube Video       10 min

Update on State Library                                                              Lynda Reynolds, Liaison

YouTube Video       7 min

Creating Arts & Crafts Workshops                                             Claire McGready
Claire McGready, a member of the Friends of the Havelock-Craven County Public Library, has been hired by the library to conduct craft workshops.  In her presentation you will learn the ins and outs of conducting a craft workshop.

YouTube Video      3 min

Importance of an Annual Report                                                 Judy Hills
Every Friends group—no matter how small—should do an annual report.  Learn how to create an annual report in this presentation.

YouTube Video       8 min                                    PDF (no sound, active links)

Crafting a New Logo                                                                     Judy Hills
Have you had the same logo for the past 10, 20 or 30 years?  We urge you to consider refreshing your image by creating a new logo.  Learn how in this video.

YouTube Video       20 min                                PDF (no sound, active links)

Event Planning                                                                               Judy Hills
Big, medium, or small events all need preparations.  While this presentation addresses planning for a large in-person event, it can be scaled down for smaller events—the basics are the same.

YouTube Video       23 min                                  PDF (no sound, active links)

Importance of Having a Website                                                 Judy Hills
Don’t have one—OH NO!  This is a must.  It is not enough to have a page on your library’s website and a Facebook page does not replace the need for a website for your Friends.  Hear all about the need for a website in this video.

YouTube Video       17 min                                PDF (no sound, active links)

New Member/Volunteer Orientation/Onboarding                    Judy Hills
This is critical time for a new member.  If you will take the time to bring them into the fold, you will make them feel welcome and you may end of with a really active member.  Learn best-practices for onboarding new members in this video.

YouTube Video       13 min                                  PDF (no sound, active links)

Evaluating Book Donations                                                        Judy Hills
If your Friends receive donated books for your book sales, it would behoove you to view this video.

YouTube Video       20 min                                  PDF (no sound, active links)

Speakers Bureau                                                                           Judy Hills
You may think you are too small to need a Speakers Bureau, but we invite you to reconsider this notion.  Learn the importance of having one and how to establish it.

YouTube Video       13 min                                  PDF (no sound, active links)

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