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NC Friend of the Year Award

The Friend of the Year award was instituted in 2007 to honor the work of individual Friends. Five outstanding volunteers - one from each of the Areas across the state - were chosen annually for recognition.

Frannie Ashburn was a leading force in encouraging Friends volunteers across North Carolina. Following her retirement as State Library Liaison to FONCPL in 2011, the Board voted to name the NC Friend of the Year Award in her honor.

On August 13, 2022, the FONCPL Board elected to discontinue this award as it has been handled in the past due to lack of interest/participation.  We also retired the name of the award--the Frannie Ashburn Friend of the Year Award.

Beginning in 2022, any member FOL may nominate one of their members for the NC Friend of the Year Award--the new name of this award.  Friend of the Year is awarded to a member of a Friends group who made an outstanding contribution to the Friends of the Library in the past calendar year. All nominated will be conferred with this honor.

Please send us the name of your Friend, a photo and a concise paragraph on why your Friend is outstanding. How have they contributed to your Group? When did they join your group?  Send us all the fun facts no later than September 30th of the current year!  Email entry to Tess Thais at tessthais88@gmail.com

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