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NC Library Requirements

NC General Statutes, NC Administrative Code, Agreements and other guidance documents  libraries (including Regional Libraries) are required to follow

NC Public Records Law (equivalent to the Federal Freedom of Information Act)
Sample NC FOIA Request (proper citation and format to request public records)
NC Administrative Code Library Development & State Aid to Public Libraries
07 NCAC 021 includes Powers and Duties of Regional Library Boards
NCGS160a Article 20 Part 1 Interlocal Cooperation This law designates a regional library as a political subdivision—a unit of local government. As such, it must comply with all the same State laws and codes as cities and counties (when applicable).
NC Open Meetings law “…each official meeting of a public body shall be open to the public…” This law provides guidance on compliance including notifications. This also applies to any committees it forms. Additionally, the Boards of Trustees of the individual libraries must comply as they perform “advisory functions…and exist solely to conduct the people’s business…” NCGS Article 33C 143-318.9  THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO FRIENDS OR ANY NONPROFIT.
NCGS Chapter 55A: NC Nonprofit Corporation Act
NC GS 159 The Local Government Finance Act Article 3—The Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act. Regional Libraries must comply as required in the Interlocal agreement and the NC Administrative Code for Regional Libraries.
NC GS 132 Public Records All public libraries must comply with public requests for information. This General Statue provides guidance.
NCGS 153A Article 14 Counties Libraries Applicable to individual library boards of trustees to the extent that individual library boards are only advisory in nature.
Confidentiality of Library Records NCGS 125-19 Applies to all libraries in NC
NC State Archives—Digital records Policies and Guidelines These apply to governments in NC, but are good best practices.
Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for Public Libraries The State provides guidance on what to retain and how long to retain public records of the public library.
Amendment to the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for Public Libraries
NC Public Library Trustee Manual
NC Best Practices for Social Media for State and Local Government Employees Another state-produced guidance document on how to best utilize social media—includes public libraries.
North Carolina General Statute 125, Articles 1-3. State Library Agency
North Carolina General Statute 153A, Article 14: Libraries (formation of public libraries)
North Carolina Section .0200 State Aid to Public Libraries
North Carolina Section .0300 Organization of Regional Libraries
NC Public Library Standards

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