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Software & Cloud Resources

Tech Soup Nonprofits are eligible for goods and services at a reduced cost
Survey Monkey Survey software to collect and analyze responses. Some services are free.
Canva.com—layouts & graphs for website and posters
Doodle Scheduling Software useful when trying to find a convenient date/time for a meeting
Cloud computing for nonprofits TechSoup—products at discounted rates
SmugMug photo storage
Electionbuddy for an online election
Google Docs allows for group editing of documents
Dropbox cloud storage for a fee
Evite send invitation and collect registrations for an event
Eventbrite send invitation and collect registrations for an event
Conference call etiquette
Hosting effective online meetings—dos and don’ts
Taxcloud—service used for paying sales tax for online books sales
Creating an online forum
MailChimp mail distribution program—free
200+ amazing free or cheap nonprofit software tools
Wild Apricot organizational software with many features
MemberPlanet organizational software with many features
WordPress—website builder
Go Daddy—website builder
Tech trick—snipping material off a webpage
SignUp.com  Free online signup sheets and volunteer scheduling
VolunteerSignUp  Free online volunteer signup sheets

The links were last checked in October 2021. Please email the FONCPL webmaster to report any broken links or any additional resources you recommend.

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