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Volunteer Management

Even before you recruit volunteers you need to identify risks and write policies and procedures to guide the volunteer and reduce the likelihood of problems. Volunteer position descriptions are a great way to let the organization express the kind of qualities they are looking for, as well as giving the volunteer a chance to evaluate the job and organization.

Articles about developing position description / volunteer policies:

"Benefits of Policies" By Linda L. Graff


Screen / Interview your volunteers
Interviewing and Screening volunteers not only protects your organization it is also a way to increase the efficiency of placement.

Orientation/Training of Volunteers/Supervision
Make sure the staff and new volunteers understand the duties, rules, and policies to avoid any miscommunications. Additionally, train your staff in Risk preparedness.

Energize: Volunteer Training

Always, review to ensure the programs and training are working. Continually update training to include new or reoccurring problems that are found within the organization.

Final Note: Know your policies & the law:

The Volunteer Protection Act (Public Law 105-19)
Volunteer Protection Acts and Good Samaritan Laws Fact Sheet

NC Article 43B Volunteer Immunity

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